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2023   /

'Siamese Twins'

In the "Siamese Twins" project, I explore the transformation of physicality of the objects as a metaphor for the merging of past and present "I". This collision represents references to past selves, memory fragments, and digital identities inseparable from corporeality of the present.

The struggle to separate from persistent thoughts and inner facets leads to discomfort, necessitating adjustment, compromise, and coexistence.

My work delves into the experience of lacking privacy from one's own dual nature, examining the tension and symbiosis between these parts.



The notion of the inviolability of a subject's boundaries appears to be an illusion to me. Instead, I perceive the fragility of the assumed integrity, leaving one suspended in surreal discomfort, akin to malfunctioning, when existing between identities.

Project developed during GlogauAir online residency program  / Berlin /

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