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2024   /

'My grandmom's bag'

The prototype for this work was my grandmother’s bag, a quintessential attribute of her life. Initially, her thriftiness and relentless pursuit of food were sources of embarrassment for me. However, I now realize that these were manifestations of my grandmother’s profound love expressed in way that was available for her.


In my native language, such a crochet bag is called an “avoska,” derived from the word “avos,” meaning “maybe,” symbolizing a hopeful yet somewhat irresponsible expectation of fortunate events shape and transform one’s identity. Existentially, roles are assumed as vessels of experiences, revealing the core emptiness inherent in subjectivity’s construction.


At its essence, this piece explores the concept of love as labor, the process of becoming, and the capacity for empathy – whether directed towards others, nature, or oneself. Emptiness emerges as a necessary condition for cultivating compassion and embracing change for the betterment of someone or something.

Exhibited at the Museu Nou  / Barcelona  /

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