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Yulia currently resides in Barcelona. Originally born in Moscow, she first moved to Italy and then to Spain. Pursuing fine art studies from an early age, she later earned her architecture diploma and spent a decade working in yacht design before reigniting her passion for art seven years ago.


Her multicultural background and immigrant story deeply informs her work, reflecting her perception of fragmented identity and the pursuit of subjective wholeness. Through paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances, Yulia's art explores the multiplicity of self, personal boundaries, and the body as a somatic memory tool.


Guided by her personal journey of healing through body therapy and meditation, Yulia's work delves into the intricate struggle of self-perception in today's world.







2024 June              Galerie LeRoyer /  Montreal, Canada / Focus exhibition

2023 October        "Tea Drinkers" Art LeadHer / Malibu

2023 February          Art LeadHer gallery + Urban Zen NY / New York, USA / Solo show "Am, I, Enough"

2022 November      Benjamin Eck gallery / Munich, Germany / Duo show with Kyle Barnes

2022  May                   Galerie 

LeRoyer / Montreal, Canada / Solo show "Piece of mind"


2022  February         Gillian Jason Gallery / London, UK / Solo show "Fragments of self"

2020  February         Galerie LeRoyer /  Montreal, Canada / Focus exhibition

September 2019     JLS gallery / Mexico City, Mexico / Solo show “Portraits of imperfection”



2024 July                G.Gallery Barcelona  / Spain / Group show "Feminitivas" 

2023 July                Impulse Gallery / Lucerne, Switzerland / Three artists show "Fragments: from the origin to the body"

2023  March-April     Art LeadHer at CHRISTIE'S / London / Group show "Note To Self"

2021  July                      Art LeadHer at  Show Gallery / Los Angeles, USA / Group show

2021  April                    Art LeadHer Gallery + Urban Zen NY / New York, USA / Group show “Truth about me”


2020  September       ArtLife fest 2020 / Moscow, Russia / Art Festival 

2020 July                       Gillian Jason Gallery / London, UK / group on-line show “What We See”


2020 February           Galerie LeRoyer /  Montreal, Canada / Focus exhibition Yulia Bas


2019  September      ArtLife fest 2019 / Moscow, Russia / Group show and speaker

2019   April                  COX gallery  / Bordeaux, France /  Group show “Portrait de Femme”

2019   March              Art LeadHer Gallery with Urban Zen / New York, USA / Group show “King



2018   August          CAGE Contemporary Art Gallery /  Barcelona, Spain /  Group show






2022 December     Art Miami / Galerie LeRoyer booth AM510


2021 December     Art Miami / Galerie LeRoyer booth AM107


Yulia's works have been acquired for the private collections in

USA (incl. Donna Karan’s collection)
and others

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