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Yulia Bas_Tea Drinkers_120x195cm.jpg

2020 - 2023   /

'Am, I, Enough'  series

"...this is a person vulnerable in his fragmentarity, assembled from fragments of traditions, ancestral memory, avatars, fragments of large and small narratives."


This series is a mediation in pursuit of peace and beauty- a poetic interpretation of evolutionary and self-cognitive challenges whilst emerging a new manifestation. 

Yulia's figures border pain and love, forgiveness and trauma, wholeness and disruption as universal human qualities going beyond age, nationality, gender or race.

The noble moment of nowness which separates the person of the past and one of the future is constantly captured where a sense of shift, emotional fluidity and fragmentation becomes the new key constant.

© 2 0 2 4      Y  U  L  I  A     B  A  S

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